Racism or Ignorance?

Recently I had to give another lesson to an apparently brain dead user. This time it wasn't about grammar. It was movies. Maybe that person is just trolling, because it's hard to find an idiot who was proven wrong and they would still act like they were right despite the amounts of citations and facts brought in by their... owner I guess. Cause they got owned again. So I will use the words Rin, ViralDarkness (Rin's alt), my bitch and my puppet as synonyms in my blog.

The matter at hand is - there's no such thing as Asian horror genre. The term is probably only used by ignorant racists. Generalising shitty Japanese horror movies (marked with boring, longish intros to the main action, a lot of unnecessary dialogue and crappy acting), Chinese horror movies (both of them) and Korean ones (which are closer in form to American than Japanese and usually brilliant) is either caused by complete lack of knowledge about those movies or intense obsession with the Eastern culture (it clearly doesn't matter which one to those people, as long as it's from "There"). Not to mention there's more than just three countries in Asia, so my puppet didn't include Russian and Bollywood movies in her "Asian genre."

Poor racist, obsessed Rin also said that American horrors rip off "Asian horror movies." Let's try to imagine what my bitch Rin/ViralDarkness had in mind by saying "Asian horror movies." I guess a movie where there's a girl's ghost trying to get revenge and comes out of the mirror/tv set. There's more to it? Like what? Oh yeah, the ones where people are gathered and have to kill each other to survive? That's gore, a whole different genre, you dumb toe fungus.

Now let's face the facts - most of those movies were made around year 2000. When American movie classics are usually from the 80s/early 90s. The zombie movies by Romero were even made dacades before that. Can you name more that 10 good American horror movies? In 5 seconds. How about Japanese ones? I'll give you 5 hours. No? I thought so.

Just because a few Korean and Japanese movies, and one of Thai production, were adapted by Hollywood, doesn't mean it rips off other countries. Not to mention Ringu (Japanese horror movie) got a shitty Korean remake in 1999, even before Americans made theirs.

In other words, generalising the genre like that is a faux pas equivalent to calling all martial arts movies "The Kung Fu Genre." Kung Fu is only one of many martial arts as most people know - there's Muay Thai from Thailand, Taekwondo from Korea and Karate from Japan. Learn the difference, otherwise you'll get neko-punched again

I'd like to thank Jasonkruger1313 for providing me with this great pic portraying people like Rin. Thanks, Jason!

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