Radicals Beware

Imagine my shock and horror this morning when I woke up and saw on the news and saw that I might be a right wing radical!  That puts me into a dilemma of sorts considering I am a cop, but I hold right wing radical ideas.  So tomorrow when they hold a Tea Party in my community and the radicals start a civil uprising am I to be trusted to uphold the law or will my department demonize me and not allow me to even be on patrol for fear of any radical behavior I might display?  So for all of you anti abortionists, anti open border people, gun owners, etc., you better be careful.  Also Ron Paul supporters and veterans returning home from overseas better be careful as well.  Janet Napolitano has spoken and issued a nine page to many law enforcement agencies around the country instructing them on who should be watched with suspicion.


So, when I show up for work tomorrow do I bring a protest sign or a riot helmet?  I could affix a small protest sign to my riot helmet or better yet put a banner on my riot shield.  You know since I to am against abortion, open borders and have apathy towards the current government I should probably resign my post, run for the hills and live in a cave.


How convenient it is for this report to come out a day before the Tea Parties.  Nice try Janet, but as the former governor of my state you lack credibility here and nobody buys into your bullshit! 

Uploaded 04/14/2009
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