I was chatting with Deevo last night in the video chat and it seems he wants a blog about rainbows.  Of course, he didn't mention whether he was talking about the rainbows that appear in the sky due to light refraction or some coalition group, so I'm unsure as to whether or not this blog will please him.

What do we know about rainbows?  Well, there seem to be varying thoughts on rainbows.  Bible literalists say that it's a bow that God hung in the sky to prove that he won't flood the world again.  Scientists argue that light bends in a prism effect due to the water droplets in the sky.  Of course, we know they're both wrong.  It's those damn Leprechauns!

That's right Leprechauns!  They're always building rainbows so they can hide their pot of gold at the base.  They're sneaky, too.  If you try to get close to a rainbow so you can find their pot of gold, they all get on their cell phones, form a work crew, and move the damn things!  When they finally get tired of moving the rainbows, they tear them down or turn on some sort of cloaking device so you can't see them.  I think they're working with some kind of alien technology far superior to the military technology of regular earthlings.  Those clovers you always see them with?  They're just a disguised communication device so they can contact alien ships.  So, in reality, rainbows involve not only Leprechauns, but alien technology as well!

Ok Deevo.  Now I've divulged the truth behind rainbows.  Was that satisfactory?

Uploaded 07/22/2011
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