Raise my taxes!

In case you missed it, Doug Edward, a former Google start-up employee implored Obama to raise his taxes to solve the distribution of wealth in this country today at an event in L.A.

Here's the video.

Very noble of Mr. Edward to offer his sizable income to the poor and have-nots. But the more I though about it, does he really? I mean, if this guy truly cares about the poor, why does he need the government to distribute it? He HAS the money. He can donate it to whomever he likes. Why doesn't he?

If his taxes doubled, would he pay millions more in taxes? As he stated in the above video, he's unemployed by choice, and retired. He's now simply consuming his earnings, and could very well be siphoning off his income rather than reeling in the dough. Would he feel this way when he was actually working? Perhaps. But it matters little. He would not have the income to pay exorbitant taxes. It's far less noble than the articles are portraying him to be.

So better yet, why doesn't he invest it and employ people himself? Start a new venture, get a group of talented people, and make something valuable and profitable to society. Money does not spawn through society through distribution. It thrives through growth.

Mr. Edwards suffers from easy money guilt. He doesn't feel he earned his keep and doesn't deserve the money he has, and projects that all rich people are as he is. Not everyone that acquired wealth did so by simply being at the right place at the right time. (Edwards was hired as the 59th employee of Google.) People with easy money guilt often despise their wealth as Mr. Edwards does and doesn't see the true value in it.

Mr. Edwards needs to make MORE money and get RICHER. How would that help the economy? Many ways.

1. By investing, he's essentially taking his money (the haves) and giving it to people that can turn it into more, if only they could get funding (the have-nots), and best yet, everyone in the system made money, and stemmed more job creation because of it!

2. Donate his money to charitable causes. Why on earth is he feeling guilty? He lives in America. He can write checks to the needy at the stroke of a pen. No one is stopping him. Yet he speaks as though he's helpless to assist in the problems in the world because he's not taxed enough.

3. Fund grants and infrastructure directly. You cannot donate money to the federal reserve to be used for infrastructure and grants. The IRS will return the check. However, you CAN fund public projects and certainly can give grants to those that need them. There's no need to give the government $100,000,000 only to have $40,000,000 used to simply manage moving his money around. (I've managed several private projects where infrastructure improvements were required, and generally we build them for half the projected costs of the city while still meeting city specifications.)

I would be thrilled if Mr. Edwards paid no taxes at all, if he actually did some of these things. Mainly #1, because that's the one that is a gift that keeps on giving, forever. I wish people like him, and people that vote like him could see that wealthy people are the people that keep me employed, and are the ones that fund the people I employ, and I wish he'd start doing it to. Taxing their money taxes the funds that I am granted for projects that could be profitable. At worse, when a rich person banks their money, it's being used to fund someone's mortgage or a business loan. In case you haven't read the news in the last 4 years, the entire economic down turn was caused by a Credit Crisis. Taxing the rich takes money out of the banks, not rich people's pockets.

Maybe if Edwards starting acting like a wealthy man, and not a rich, spoiled, lost, brat, he could really do something to help the country.

Uploaded 09/28/2011
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