Ramblings of the Stoned XI

-I wonder at which point since the beginning of mankind that it was determined beyond a reasonable doubt that old age is unavoidable and everyone dies?  Prior to that, only a few people made it to that point, and it gray hair and wrinkled skin was assumed to be the side effect of an illness.


-I wonder if the phrase "the gray years" doesn't just refer to gray hair, but the gradual reduction of gray areas in morality...Also the decay of gray matter.


*Sober author's note - Whoa, man...


-I didn't want to fight with him.  It's the last thing I wanted, actually.  I've been in and seen too many arguments, that were really small when I look back on them, but they managed to tear relationships apart for years after they occurred.  I know he didn't mean any harm, but I could see that he just didn't think.  He didn't reflect on the effects his actions would have on others, so I pointed it out to him, and I was angry when I did it, so he took it pretty hard.  It's not one of those bad habits a friend has that you can just overlook.  I wish I'd calmed down first, but I wasn't wrong.

*Sober author's note - I realized entries like this are me attempting to do the vague-Facebook-status thing without looking like a total idiot to people I actually know.


-Being inconsiderate isn't a deliberate offense, it's the opposite.  Try to be gentle when you shed the light that illuminates the mirror for someone.


*Sober author's note - Jeez, let it go, me!


-I was pretty old by the time I realized that crotch and cock aren't exactly synonyms.  Pretty old is 12 years old, by the way, by American public school standards.  I was finally educated after someone corrected me in gym class after I'd stated that a basketball just hit me right in the cock.  How embarrassing.


-Cock is a pretty old slang term.  I wonder if it came about because a rooster and a penis are usually the first things up in the morning.


-When you think about it, the points-keeping system that was invented for keeping track of a competetive event, is pretty ingenious.  Before that, it was just "last man standing."


-When a sports announcer says something like "I remember when he played for Purdue, and I saw him running up and down the field, and I'm like 'who's this kid?'" it's a very subtle, hipstery statement.  Like "I knew he was great before you'd even heard of him."


-Do fish burp after they eat?  Like a human can take in too much air with food , can a fish do that with water?


-A point of contention between clients and myself is they often wonder why my most simplistic in labor work goes for the same price as a really ornate piece.  They should think of me as a farmer in those cases, because they're getting the plumpest, ripest, juiciest ideas my mind has to harvest.  When I hand in a really busy, intricate piece of work, it's a sign of a lack of solid idea.  Inspiration and perspiration are variables, but always add up to x in my case.


-Thinking back on that last entry, I think I take my drawing skills for granted.  That's the reason most people hire me: Because they can't draw.  They usually have a clear idea of what they want me to do.  Unfortunately, their ideas are usually terrible.


-My main problem with the idea of getting a tattoo you could get a really excellent, creative, clever, beautifully rendered piece...Which will then be copied by every orange tanned frat boy without any imagination, and every pale, skinny hipster who will swear up and down he had one before him.  Look at Anthony Keidis.  He was looking slick in 1990 with his tribal armband and huge back piece.  Now they're a dime a dozen.


-The main reason technology can never outdo a human in art is because while a computer can process and compare data at a geometric rate, that data can't strike a computer, like an image or sound can strike a human.  There's no soul, no real concept, no deviation from the programming.

*Sober author's note - You don't say?


-I've never met a guy that goes by "Bob" that I didn't like.  Ironically, almost every guy I've met that goes by "Rob" has been a total douchebag.


-People who make decisions with their emotions sure don't like to hear facts.  Better go put some balm on these claw marks...

-On a lighter note, enjoy this Christmas cooking special...

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