Ran from the law Saturday night

So, last Saturday, I was at a company BBQ. We were all drinking, throwing the frisbee and footballs around and just having a really great time. I quelled my drinking around 5:30 because I wanted to leave around 8 and be responsible while not driving drunk. Welp, on my way home, with my little brother driving the car behind me, I got pulled over. I was not driving fast or erratic. I wasn't swerving. When the state trooper got to my passenger side window, he said, 'your tags are expired and have been since last year' which is bullshit. He then asked how much I had to drink, to which I replied, 'a few.' I exited the vehicle upon his asking and started the field sobriety test where I follow his pen with my eyes. During this field sobriety test, I mentioned that this test was subjective and designed for failure, to which he replied, 'where did you learn that?' I stated that Criminal Justice was one of my majors in college and he then proceeded to tell me to go to the back of his car. I passed his back passenger door, headed to the trunk area of his car, and he said, 'no, up here.' And that is when I ran. I ran for probably 80-100 yards, then hopped the guard rail, crossed the median between the freeway and exit ramp, then hopped that guard rail and ran down a ravine towards a wooded area. While running towards the wooded area I tripped and fell on my face and really fucked it up. I snaked my way backed to NLR from LR and got home about 10 o'clock. As I was walking up the street to my dad's house, my brother was pulling out of the driveway going to look for me some more. Showering up, I laid low until my dad got back in town late Sunday night. This morning I went and saw my lawyer and am going to turn myself in tomorrow morning with his help. Actually, we're going to court at 8 a.m. I know I shouldn't have run but I have too much to lose. There are other details but I'm sure you don't give a shit about those. Thanks for reading. Don't judge me unless you've been there.
Uploaded 10/28/2013
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