Random Short Story

Ok to make for a bit of fun I thought we could all make a little story.

Here's how it will work:

I'll start by writing the first sentence/paragraph.

Then the next person will write the second sentence/paragraph.

It has to make sense (with what's been posted before, e.g. the main character can't go from being a boy to girl just like that, any changes have to be explained), but it can be a little random.

If two or more people post a reply to the previous sentence then the person posting next reply must state whose post they are going to use by putting the user's name in brackets at the begining of their post.

Please try to make it clear where you are going with your post so that it doesn't get too confusing for the people posting afterwards or reading the story.

Spelling is not to important as longa s the post is legible.

Here we go and cheers for playing..............................



I was sat on a cold and lonely rock in the middle of a godforsaken dessert that I had been trapped in for far too long.

I was feeling hungry and thirsty so I opened my last pack of crisps and can of beer, they tasted amazing, this was most probably due to the fact that I hadn't eaten in days. Then a feeling of dread overcame me, I knew that after this I would be well and truly fucked.

Nothing else to do now but stare up at the beautiful, crimson evening sky and try to remember how I ended up in this predicament.

It all began when.....................................................

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