random stuffs to think about

am i the only one who gets pissed off when a kid on mw2 owns you

how come if you hold tequila or whiskey in your mouth it starts to get hot.

people think by not eating your getting skinnier, but your body needs to burn something to make energy. if you eat your body burns the food to make energy, if you dont eat your body starts burning muscle to make energy, it then converts to fat. so by not eating you're actually increasing your body fat percentage.

her eyes were set like winters fire, shone like the bells on a gentlemans steed.

get your life priorities straight, mines God, family, my girl alex, she counts as family, and the rest of the world can go fuck themselves. you gotta realise that friends will fuck you over, but your family will always be there for you.

lil waynes a communist.

i finally found a good american beer "shiner bock".

zune is so much better then ipod, i hate itunes, i used to have itunes and i had to switch from one comp to another and it erased a lot of my music that i bought from itunes. fuck them, zune is better.

who cares about black history, i want a white history month.

why is it when u ask a girl if shes mad shell say something like no. then later u find out she really was mad. why do u gotta lie? if you're mad then tell me an we can work it out, fuck woman, now ur making me mad.


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