random thoughts from a diseased mind

when you take a shit in a port-a-potty and the tempature is at or below freezing, even if you're constipated, the shit flys out really fast! dont masturbate where people can see you unless you want to be seen. remember when you wear the panties you slole from your ex on your head put the crotch side where you will enjoy it most. if she's your half sister, which half can you screw and not be engaging in incest? if there is a Tunnle Of Love ride at an amusement part wouldnt it fulfill EO compliance to have a Log Ride Of Lust? if you act like you cant hear her your wife/gf will do it for you. by sitting in my truck and farting for 12 hours a day i have been able to make even vinyl stink. when operating heavy machinery dont call your baoss and say "i'm high as a fuckin kite and i dont give a fuck about myself!" if you think you're going to fail a piss test dont use your mouth to hold someone elses piss.i have alot of respect for hookers cuz they do what they like and get paid for it. since everyone has been using their real pics for avatars lately i have been having some really fun dreams. is it stalking if you live in her garage without her knowing and when she leaves put all her used maxi pads in a pile so you can have some of her with you? men shouldn't touch eachother unless they are gay. women should always be touching eachother. with the ammount of times i masturbate i think i am the greatest mass murderer ever to have lived. a friend told me that a "merkin" is a wig for your genitals. why would you need this and where can i buy one? that's it i'm done.

Uploaded 01/15/2009
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