Random Thoughts from the Mind of Kitty

Why do people drive in the left lane when they're doing five UNDER the speed limit?  And it's not just old people or people on their cell phones.  It's normal looking people.  And usually these same people try and match your speed when you try pass them.  Makes me want to push them off the road...


Is it really so hard to walk twenty feet to put your fucking cart into the cart return area?  Seriously, people.  What the fuck?  Are you so fucking lazy that you just have to leave them all over the parking lots?


Why are the little bumps you get on your body when you get a chill or get frightened called "Goosebumps"?  Any bird you pluck will have bumps that look like that, so why not call them "birdbumps"?  What makes the goose so damn special?


If I were a vampire, I think I'd miss garlic the most.


We never had a real honeymoon.  But I really don't want a honeymoon.  I want a steakmashedpotatoandavocadomoon.


And that reminds me, why does no liquor store sell mead?  It's taken over three months for ours to ferment, and it's only giving us two gallons. 


How the fuck did the shopping cart give me blisters on my palms?  I'm working outside half the time for fuck's sake!


I need a massage.  I fucked up my shoulder carrying the baby on my back and cement in my arms.


I'm still undecided on what colour(s) to make my hair next.  It's bleached out white (with hints of green and blues left on tips) and I can't decide what to colour it next. 


Why do people shirk their obligations?  That pisses me off.  I was supposed to have my parrot sold by Monday, but the lady that was going to buy her couldn't because the person that was supposed to buy a saddle from her never showed up and has given no word.  Needless to say we're both highly annoyed with the third party.


I want to drive the Prius.  I'm tired of driving the Equinox.  It costs double to fill it that it does to fill the Prius, and that is just depressing.


Okay, my mind is done wandering for now.  Gotta go make some dinner.

Uploaded 07/15/2008
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