Random Vanilla Wigger Thoughts..........

Ok guys, I got bored and decided to do a random blog in rhyme. Have fun bashing it, I did it all for you people..........


I wish that I could go back in time

 but when I try to hit rewind

I straight up lose my mind

But I'll be fine....


Once I jump in the de lorean

I will become an historian

Maybe explore ivorian in 1893

And  dress like I'm victorian


Yeah thats kind of boring

hopefully none of you were snoring

Cause the flows I spit is pouring

Like the sun, I rise in the morning


Early bird gets the worm like a ho gets the dick

I'm pretty quick to flip the script to any kind of topic

So take your pick and I'll rip like The Hulk in a fit

I'll "Superman that ho!" like that Soulja Boy bitch


Hip hop's dead? So they say, all it needs is mouth to mouth

From some ill rhyme slayers that represent the south

I'm an alien to this planet kinda like my name was Alf

But don't get it twisted cause Da Ville is not in the deep south

Uploaded 07/01/2008
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