Rant about blacks

How come it seems like black people are just sucking america dry. They just sit at thier section 8 homes reproducing like fucking rabbits, then every time they do, the government says, "hey, its ok. you get to now work less, and we'll even pay you".

I'm not saying whites dont do this, but the number of blacks that do this totally out-weighs the numbers of whites.

they also find it ok to spread Aids amongst white women, because all these white teenage whores are so desperate to be cool and fit in that they fuck a black guy who is 25. thats called being a pedophile. But that ok, because it gives them props with their homies back in the welfare line. then, after fucking their 16 year old whores, they go home to their girlfriends who have 3 kids already, then have two more.

Every year in america, roughly 44000 people are diagnosed with aids. 50% of these people are black. That means the other 50% are distributed amongst the asians, whites, mexicans, and other cross-breeds. That means that comparing the blacks to any other race, almost 3 times as many blacks get aids than any other race.

so they finally figure out a talent, if you can even call it that. they go, hey, i can talk to a beat. they finally make a rap song about how hard it is to become a rapper. and how they beat their hoes and shoot people and do drugs. And all the black youth think this shit is totally cool. all it does is magnifies the personification that this shit is ok in society. this is also why crime rates are so high amongst blacks compared, once again, to any other race.

rap hardly takes talent to make. soulja boi made his song off of a downloaded demo music maker off of the internet called fruity loops. and what is with this rapper Necro? i dont know what he was thinking, but it sounds like necrophelia. wtf. If you have ever heard the song, "my president is black", there is a line that says: history, black history, no president has ever done shit for me.

so what the fuck do you call giving blacks freedom, or the right to vote, or even have a job, and ride in the front of the bus. rosa parks would shit her pants if she heard this shit.

But hey, if you're white, dont say this in public, or else Nakalakarikae and his 8 homies are gonna kick your ass for being "racist". Even though its just statistics and facts.


Uploaded 05/12/2009
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