Rant about punk rockers

Ok, so I know I go on little rants every now and then. But there happens to be one subject I have yet to touch on which really annoys me, and I am quite surprised I've never mentioned it before. I, HATE Punk Rockers! Not just any, but the ones that have to dress up to act the part. I saw a group of them today, and I can totally understand why people would want to throw stuff at them. Especially the ones who can't get their shit together, the political ones, and those damn drunken losers. I hate them all. Now there are some cool ones out there, and you all know who you are. But for the most part I can't look at one without thinking what a piece of shit they are to want to think they are even in the same league as me.

Squatter punks. Ok these people in general are better off dropping dead, I can't stand their idiotic ideals. Especially the females of them. They're all dirty, filthy, and generally unpleasant to be around. Why? Because they're a bunch of drunks who can't get their acts together, sure I have problems but I know how to brush my teeth, and the importance of taking a shower. Its hygiene people get with the program. I knew one gal who got into it, within' a year she was a total piece of shit, and all I could feel toward her was contempt for turning herself into such a loser. Getting plastered, and fucking other girls just so that she could be accepted or have a place to stay. She was a prostitute for a lifestyle that life literally squats over and shytes on.

Political punks, those vegan, agnostic, god hating, anti-voting, feminist, assholes. I really don't get what the big attraction to that is. It could just be me, I'm a little close minded when it comes to kissing everyones ass. But thats just me, those PC motherfuckers are the real cancer of America. Who gave them the right to go out and judge on me and my friends for not thinking the way they do. I like to eat a damn good steak, I don't give two shits about a womans role in the household, and if you don't wanna believe in god fine thats your deal, but don't you dare get in my face and say I'm oppressing you when I voice my opinion. Also I think its funny how they all congregate and live together like its some sort of fucked up circle jerk of life. Instead of learning more about others they shut everyone out, saying they're "ignorant" all the while coddling each others balls. If we were in the jungle, they'd be in a giant pot, and I'd be stirring thats for damn sure.

Also, what I have to say about most punkers out there. Its really hard to take you seriously when you just graduated, are going to school, and still living off of daddy's child support payments. If you want to make a point, stop acting like such a left wing shithead, and drop the whole "punk" thing it means nothing and only serves to show how much of a horses ass you really are. Stop trying to impress everyone around you.

Uploaded 08/26/2008
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