I'm in desprete need of a new job. I work at a small drycleaners with two othe people. Friday it was me and lets call my co-worker lardo. so me and lardo have about 4 bins of clothes to get through at 4:30 the store closes at 7. If we leave any work for the next day we get in trouble. so i'm working as fast as i can an i get 2 bins done in one hour. mean while lardo is sitting at the computor doing absolutly nothing. then at 6, The drive shows up with 179 orders of clothes that need to be sorted and put into a location so i say ok i'll do it but you need to get the last to bins done. she says ok and i go into the back to start putting the clothes in the locations. lardo did 14 orders of clothes in the one hour that i left her up front alone. she didn't take care of any customers so i had to keep stopping what i was doing and going back to the front to help the customers even though she wasn't doing anything. She left a bin of clothes for the next day then complained that the reason why nothing was getting sdone was because i'm lazy. so i had the general manager check the computors to see how much progress we each made.

I did 6 times the work she did and she was at work for 6 hours i was there for 3. Then to just piss me off even more she complained enough so that the schedual is changed to benifiet her which takes hours away from me. How the fuck do you sit around and do nothing for 6 hours. then when she does do work she fucks it up. to top it all off she talks shit that sayin that she's sick of working so hard. i checked the computors work history and saw that in the past few weeks she hasn't don't more than 50 orders and she always talks shit about people who smoke weed are unproductive and a burden on society. she didn't say it like that because i don't  think she knows what burden means. i have told her many time before it's not the weed that makes people unproductive it's just people being lazy. to make things worse she buys people food and thinks that makes up for the fact that we as doing 4 times the work because her stupid fat ass doesn't want to do anything. she makes me want to punch a baby.

Upper managment won't do anything about it so i'm quitting. i rather flip burger than deal with this shit any more

i know there are a bunch of spelling and grammer mistakes don't be a dick

Uploaded 10/23/2008
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