Rant before I Can't

I'm suffering from writers block. I have had 4 large beers and 2 litres of wine. More to come.

I'm going to write anyway cause I'm really pissed at the stupidity of my fellow man and ladies!

Here before us there is a medium to share ideas and express opinions. I've gone to other sites but they do not challenge blogs like this site.Well just 2 others. I've noticed an interest in mundane subjects (my doggy licked my happies) and disdain for important subjects such as "USA Business is run by psychopaths".

Last year I went to the USA for a soccer competition. I was totally shocked to find most people there to be void of any intelligence. I had to repeat my order , face to face, several times to a McDonald's employee for a couple of meal deals. I'm sorry, but you guys are "fucked up". I could site other examples but I'm too frustrated! Yes we won 1st place.

I don't know how a great country like the USA has been neutered, actually I do, "laziness and ignorance"!

I see mostly defeatist attitudes. Shit like "Oh, how do we rise up"?

"We have no power". It won't matter!

Stand up! Speak out! Cleanse your country of the debauchery that ENSLAVES YOU!

Uploaded 04/02/2010
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