Ranting about what eBaums, and the world, needs

Is to cut back on the banners and all the retarded advertising. The spammers are half the problem. I'm going to stop watching videos on ebaums because the damned flash player puts up a stupid ad every 30 or so seconds and there is no way to stop it. Fuck. I might as well go have CoolWebSearch hijack my browser if I wanted useless content. eBaum's formatting on the video galleries sucks. Formatting on the picture galleries suck. Pretty much the whole site is a slow-down, resource-hogging piece of shit. I stopped coming for awhile and every now and then come back, mainly to read jokes and see funny picture galleries. But half the time the picture galleries don't even work. It might be my computer, but maybe not, since I used a Core2Quad with a good motherboard, 4gigs of ram and a NVidia 8800GTX video card on a Verizon Fios Connection at my friend's house and still got the same results as my P4, 1gig of ram on a NVidia 7600GT got at home. The blog links don't work. The Galleries don't work. Too many stupid ads, I especially despise the links in the vids now, requires a bit of computer resources to run, and just all in all is headed towards utter shitdom. Fuck this place. I come back to see if it improves for the better and it doesn't. Content wise it still is the same, okay for the most part, sometimes good, sometimes awful. But the execution for accessing the content is utter dogshit.

I can hear some rabid ebaums defender (there is probably only one) "Then why are you still here complaining, if you don't like it you can leave!" O yeah, good comeback douchebag. Hey, I don't necessarily like the United States as a whole and what direction we're going, but I like where I live, the people here and I'll be damned if I leave on the account of some cum-sucking fagmonger complaining that I shouldn't complain. In the US, I can at least TRY to change it, and while I may not succeed, the chances of me getting blown to bits for voicing my opinion is a lot less than in, say, Russia. Ohh! Potshot at Russia! Shame Shame Shame! Look, a few of my friends are Russian, and by Russian I mean a guys name is something like Ilya Borshenko and he drinks Vodka like water. HE doesn't like Russia all too much, so who am I to argue? I'm sure its not a bad place, but its not a great place neither. Its like being an underpriveleged African-American and being forced to choose between the worst part of Compton, and the Best part of Alabama. Either way you're fucked. But I'd pick Compton, at least there are people there I would be able to somewhat relate to, rather than risk getting lynched based on the color of my skin. Brings me back to why I shouldn't necessarily leave eBaums. Because for one, I like ranting about crap inthe blogs. For two, when the pic galleries DO work, sometimes they contain good stuff. Three, the jokes are not too bad. Oh, and four, the games are not that bad from time to time. But I will steer clear of all videos. Damn I need some Johnny Walker Blue Label after all that high energy complaining. Oh, and Laffy Taffy jokes suck monkey nuts.

Uploaded 08/27/2008
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