rantings of the deranged

O.K. There is a multitude of stupidity going around it seems.  Everywhere i look people are just getting retarded (more so than usual).  An example, i'm at work and one of the idiot waitresses is spilling water on the floor in an area i continually stand to work.  So i walk over to her, move her hand to make her stop spilling water (it's at a sink and she's just holding the sprayer part over the floor, thus the water.) And she replies, "What are you doing?"  To which i reply, "I'm preventing you from causing more of a mess at where i have to stand."  To that she remarks, "It's just a little water."  I reply, "it only takes a little to cause someone to slip, after all 'It's just a little water.'"  Not to be made a fool of she then says, "I'll just keep my personal comments to myself." and walks away.  While she is walking i reply in earnest, "That's why they're called personal comments!" (so everyone can here her foolish remark).  Again i go back to my earlier statement, stupidity is increasing. These people should not be alowed to breed. Anyone else having problems like this?

Uploaded 08/31/2008
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