Rape Creative Challange Entry


This week's the word(s): cologne


The detective put the scrap of torn shirt to the dog's nose. The police dog caught the scent of the man's cologne. The dog sniffed in the air for a second then tore off, dragging the detective behind him.

Twisting and turning past the brambles and mesquite trees down the dusty path they went until they came upon a narrow ravine, nearly dry from the months of drought. A trail of blood could be seen spattered on the jagged rocks on the way down. The dog barked and howled.

As the detective looked down, he saw that the rapist was caught between two large, jagged rocks which had further cut the rapist who was now unconscious. Blood could be seen pumping out of his left artery. The combination of blood loss and heat from the sun had been the rapists' undoing. The rapist was unconscious. The only way to get him out would be with a helicopter or a rope ladder.

The detective called on the radio for medical assistance, but as soon as he finished the call, he could see that the blood was no longer pumping. There was nothing he could do but wait for assistance to get him out. When they finally did get the body out of the ravine, it was discovered that a long, narrow, jagged rock had penetrated his rectum.  The detective smiled.

"Pity. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy."

Copyright © 2011 Cal Jennings

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