Rape is funny!!

Many of you who read this blog's title and immediately felt your hands tighten into fists are living under the mistaken impression that rape is not funny. Even my boss, friend, and confidant  repeatedly tells me " rape is not funny; it's not a game of comical chess to be played in your blogs like those two old guys I saw in the park playing chess with live squirrels and pigeons. Now that was a funny game of chess, but not rape!"

What he and the rest of you have not yet realized is that anything is funny when it becomes bizarre and ironic enough. An example of ironic rape would be a rapist who has the tables turned and gets raped while out on the prowl. Not funny, although a few of you might chuckle. An example of bizarre rape would be a giraffe raping someone. That's funnier, but still not a family friendly piece of entertainment. When you combine bizarre and ironic though, you get an example of rape at its funniest. Who among us would not feel their belly begin to jiggle upon witnessing a known rapist being chased and violated by a giraffe? White collar criminals and possibly Anglicans, that's it.

Uploaded 09/27/2008
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