I've been thinking a lot about the Rapture lately. I don't really know how it came about or why I decided to think about it. I was raised a Christian but as time and my life progressed, I constantly found myself questioning my beliefs because I'm more of a logical person (I know, I know, logical woman, yeah right). It just seems to me that believing in God or angels or demons is kind of like believing in fairies and leprechauns. The bible seems like a dressed up, over-exaggerated version of a folk tale. Regardless, I find myself questioning God all the time. It seems like the grand question, right? What happens after we die? Shouldn’t I spend my life coming to terms with my inevitable death? And if so, how can I live if I’m so focused on death?



With the way the world is today, it seems like if Christianity is right about the rapture then it should be soon. The world is caving in on itself, not to mention the prophecies are coming true. I really believe that before long we’ll have another civil war on our hands. Even if the Christian rapture doesn’t happen, it’s not impossible to kill ourselves off. All we need is WWIII to destroy all life on the planet and let’s face it, life is fragile…but I also believe that life will always find a way. Even if we destroy ourselves, I find it very possible that the earth will heal and evolution will start all over again. So maybe it’s not necessarily a Christian rapture, but a rapture in general. An ending to the beginning and a beginning after the end. I really don’t know where I’m right or wrong if I’m even on the right track but one thing I do know is that tension is growing and things are starting to get really fucked up and something is going to give.


Uploaded 10/08/2008
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