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After reading Fuzzy's blog it got me thinking about a great story I had.  Not a highschool story, but about the one that got away. 

So back in the day...(you know my stance on that saying if you read some of my other blogs) I had a giant crush on a girl.  It is a long story of bad timing, missed opportunities, and bullshit.  I decided to give it one more shot and tried to go hang out with her.  She had other plans, and I had no other choice but to decide she was a dumb bitch and not worth it anyway.  Suddenly I get a call.  My friend asks what I am doing that night.  I tell him I was just shot down and he says it doesn't matter cause he had a hook up at this bar/club type place for this huge party for a Janet Jackson album release or some such shit I cared nothing about.  I was to meet up with him at this chicks house and we would wait for a couple of his friends and then leave.

Now, I don't wear fancy's not my style.  I wear jeans and a T-shirt in 99% of situations because I am all that is man. But tonight I had to and I was growing my hair out and it was in its second awkward phase so my confidence was not as high as normal.  Whatever.  We are waiting for his friends, when this girl steps out of her car.  Wearing an all black dress with her hair up, was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.  She is born and raised here, but 100% Thai.  Maybe it's because I have trained Muay Thai for so long it made her even better looking... I don't know.  All I know is she looks like an Asian Jessica Alba and I went six to midnight. 

I obey guy code, so I figured my friend would be all about her, and since he invited her he should get first shot.  He gave me the green light.  At the place, her friend said I should dance with her to make her happy.  I am not a big dancer.  I mean, I can do it, it's just not my favorite thing in the world.  I did and every single person in the place was impressed.... well, at least nobody said otherwise.  We ended up talking for most of the night and I invited them to watch some fights the next night at my place. 

The next night she shows up with her friend.  We watch the fights and then go out to a bar.  I wear a hoodie a lot of the time. When people annoy me or the place I am at is shit, I put the hood.  (I always wear a hood when I'm on ebaums)  I call it my invisible hood.  All night we are making jokes about  it and I would put it on when she would say something stupid.... no offense ladies, but you guys say some stupid shit and we have to pretend to laugh so you don't get pissed off and not let us sex.  It's for the survival of the species. 

We are driving home and I just have to wait for the right moment to make my move, but there is never a good time since we are with four other people.  At my place she gets out of the car with me and we are talking out side, while our other two friends sit right there watching.  It was now or never.  She said she felt like they were watching us.  Now...I'm not the smoothest guy, I usually rely on a girl looking past me being a dumb ass because I'm so handsome, but in what I feel was a pretty smooth move, I pull on my invisible hood.  I was instantaneously pleased with myself.  But in an equally impressive, if not more, move....she pulls her hood over her head and we had our first kiss.  At that very moment I realized I could be with this girl forever.  We began dating and were together constantly.  I'm a big Karate Kid fan, and this was so similar to that movie.  He's an Italian kid from the East Coast.  I'm half Italian and lived on the east coast.  Her name was Ally (for short anyway) just like the girl from Karate Kid.  She lived in the hills coming from money and I was a poor fuck.  And I trained in a martial art just like Daniel Larusso.  I even know where Golf and Stuff (where they went out on a date in the film) is so I was gonna take her there.  How could this possibly end any way but happily ever after???

Well, it ended differently because I did what I always do when I feel that way about a chick... I systematically pushed her away until she was gone.  Every once and a while I want to punch myself in the face for doing that, because she was pretty rad.  But mostly I feel that it was best to end the way it did because it's a good story and it never had a chance to sour.  Instead of looking back on her as that bitch that always nagged me and wouldn't let me hang out with the guys etc... I get to fondly remember only good times and think of her as the one that got away. 

PS...(had to edit this in) She is now doing some acting/modeling and I see her everywhere!!  She's not famous by any means, but shes around enough to piss me off. 
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