Re Fuck Santa

FUCK Santa he doesnt exist and if he did im suRE he wULD climb into MY WINDOW AT NIGHT 2 do weird thingS, I never HAD a real life, and i dont plan on ANYONE TO  get what I want EVER!! I cant forgive I cant forget, But i enjoy BUTTSECHS !!You Fucked Up My Life And my Favorite PAIR IF PANTIES!! Its funny how one person FUCKS up your butt ahahahha life is soo fUCkign great not really NO ONE IS LAUGHING with me, more AT ME everyone KNOWS I suck dick i want to get away I want to fly away under the bridge And then to SWITZERLAND TO PLAY with goats  and far away FLOWERS ARE UGLY I HATE ICECREAM GUYS ARE GIRLS and i am BI? !! INSIDE OUT my butt IS!! UPSIDE DOWN!! All around MY BUTT IS. We fall down no one susspects the nice little BITCH I AHTE EVERYONE !! GODs mad cuz HE PEEPED THRU my windo and i was playing doll house with my ANAL CAVITY, TAHT was happy I would be happy again.but I done FUCKEde MY favorite PANTIES UP!!




Uploaded 12/13/2008
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