Re "N-Word"

I dunno when all this 'n-word' stuff started surfacing, but I don't think you guys really undertand the issue. You should try watching Dr. Phil. By the way, from cloud0986's blog:

JohnnyBax: "You will never understand. Blacks own that word."

My Response: No. We don't. It's just a bunch of stupid teens and young adults that are trying to make a terrible word better. However, they're just SO stupid, they made the whole situation worse. Now, every other race is saying things like, "Well, why can't WE say this word? I say it with no negativity what-so-ever, so I should be able to say it to my black friends." Answer: You CAN say it. No one is actually physically stopping you from saying it. It's called freedom of speech. The fact is, that if you DO say it, you'll prob'ly be either fuckin' killed or beaten to a pulp. Or called a racist. :/

Actually, seriously, why would you want to use it? I've heard of people calling their spouses the 'n-word' (who, btw aren't always black) just as they would call them 'honey' or 'dear'. Why!? Why would you do that? You can say what your intentions are all you want, but it's still racist because of the history. It's hard to put history behind you, not to mention it shows how ignorant you are.

Adraline: "I think that they use the word "nigga" in a friendly form to make it lose some of its old power. It takes away the harshness of it. I totally see what you mean though. I don't walk around calling my friends "crackas". I think it's rude and disrespectful and is a direct reflection of the type of person you are."

My Response: No, they use it because they're stupid and possibly ignorant. Of course, 'cracka' isn't a racist word (or THE racist word for whites), nor does it have the negativity the 'n-word' has.

Saying this word isn't like eating forbidden fruit, y'know.

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