Re-occupy America.

Thanks to fallen education standard, and people more interested in what's happening on the Jersey Shores, we have a country full of people who have no idea that their rights are getting stripped as a small 1% of the country is getting richer off their backs, and getting more political power than any single individual should ever have in a democracy.

It's too bad they don't teach internet research, or just research at all, in schools these days. They're too focused on standardized tests, and SATs. Even people that show interest in the Occupy Wall Street movement, probably a large portion of them don't know how to filter factual information from junk.

The Occupy Wall Street is actually a tough one to grasp. It's not a movement about a single objective. It's a combination of protests against many things that have gone wrong in this country with regards to the economy, but more specifically in relations to the few CEOs and a circle of very wealthy and politically powerful men who are abusing their power and taking advantage of 99% of Americans. Now they're not protesting the fact that they are rich or have political influence. The protest is about them harvesting disproportional political power, which threatens democracy. These people have managed to go as far as manipulating laws, so that any inconvenient law simply doesn't apply to them. A lot of the strings they pull and deals they break with politicians, are not only unethical and sometimes come straight out of the taxpayers pocket, but are also illegal. And while we're on the subject of tax. If you look at how much they pay in taxes, they actually pay next to nothing. They use loopholes, or just lobby laws that cut breaks for them. Plus under this administration, they actually pay less tax than under the Bush administration, or the Reagan administration.

It's bad enough they're exempt from many laws that the rest of us have to follow, are paying disproportionally less tax than most Americans, and for what contribution do they get so many perks? From hard work? Their work consist of fancy lunch and champagne with other influential people, and moving money around. These people do far less work than any politician, yet have more power and money than they do. But what did they have to do to get there? Working hard and getting a good education is actually not a requirement. If you want to be in their place, the two most important requirements are: 1- Know the right people. 2- Have no soul. Once you have those two, spend the next few years siphoning money out of hard working people, and maybe one day you can be the 1%.

Have no illusions. These people didn't come to that position because they deserved it. While there are some extremely wealthy people in America, who have come to wealth out of hard ethical work, these are not the people that are causing a problem. The 1% are a problem because they came to power out of a series of illegal and unethical moves. Anything from inside trading, price gauging, tax fraud, flexing political power, taking advantage of less wealthy and less influential people, and hundreds of other dirty power games. And while they play their dirty games, we are all working hard, doing all the hard work for them, so that they don't have to break  a sweat and can get even more wealthy. We're entering an era where corporate power slowly outweighs government power. And we're not that far away from having our tax money pay a 1% elite class that will control our country.
Uploaded 10/06/2011
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