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Thu, Aug. 26th, 2004, 09:03 pm

Why Judo Sucks. Alrighty then...


So who am and I why am I here? Well the real name is Jason. The name of Falthor is something I made up a long time ago for an online game I was playing, and no it's not "Falchor" the luck dragon from Never-ending Story.


So Anyways, I guess you could say I've lived a lame life doing lame shit day in day out for a long long time now. I was the guy who got beat up in school, I was the guy who was in band, writing stories, and pretending that the fact that I was a virgin at 18 didn't bug me... Yeah I was that guy. The emphasis on WAS. When high school came to an end I'd had about enough of people spitting on me and took my life into my own hands.... being a fat white guy at that point didn't help me out much though.


Halfway through High school I started doing some Judo, trying to get in shape originally, and then because I liked the people I was around. So I get rolling doing some Judo at the U... actually teaching for a while, and WOW I get some respect.


I am to understand that by leaving my Home Judo club in LaSalle and training people at the University that I ticked off some of my Sensei's in LaSalle, but rather then tell me to my face, they pussied out and I didn't find this out until much later. Yippee Ha ha Wee! What fun.


Lo and behold, within weeks I'm on the other end of a $24 million dollar lawsuit cause some idiot decided to keep doing judo after I dismissed class. I mean I don't know if I can explain this to you or not, I had hopes of being at the Olympics, if not as a Judoka, as a Judge at least or possibly a coach, and this idiot makes himself into a quadriplegic and sues me.


Within a month my registration to the governing body of Judo in Canada is Denied, My school is shut down, and my home Judo club wont touch me with a ten foot pole, afraid of being dragged into the crap I'm going through. At the time I didn't know that these pricks were pissed off at me for leaving their club to start with, but what a shitty thing to do. I spent 7 or so years training there, and helping to train people there, and when I get in a bind everyone pissed on me.


To top it all off the head of Judo Ontario, at the time "Joe LeStrange" lied to me on several occasions about re-instating me to active Judoka (you have to be licensed to practice Judo or at least to be able to go to tournaments which you need, or needed, for your black belt). Then a new prick steps up to take over and refuses to believe that Joe LeStrange ever did anything of the sort for me.


So basically 1996 to 2000 I am pretty much banned from practicing the sport I was looking to make a future in, and ostracized by the judo community at large. Pissed on, thrown out, and getting fat while I learned to play guitar for something to do. So here we are now... 2004 and yes I can become a judo student again. I'm actually allowed now, but why the hell would I want too? I'm still not welcome at my home Judo Club; I'm still not welcome to participate in tournaments.


I mean seriously people I was found guilty of playing a part in this guy having his neck broken when he refused to leave class after it was dismissed. And that is why Judo sucks... not the art per say as I still use it to my advantage in the pro-wrestling ring, but my experiences in Judo.

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