RE6 Released

After a long wait, today's the day - Resident Evil 6 has just been released for Ps3/360!


I've had this thing on reserve for a month and couldn't wait to rip it open. The only hesitancy I have is that these games just have to be released on a weekday; getting started might result in not being able to put it down - and unlike plenty of eBaumers, some of us have to work for a living.

These rules for thorough enjoyment of a survival-horror release probably go without saying for major genre fans, but the release of an old-school reminiscent RE title is one of those special occasions.

1.  Make sure you're isolated.

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Not a problem if you've got your own apartment/home, but unfortunately for most gamers, parents and siblings are most likely a problem. I hope you at least have a TV and your system on permanent display in your bedroom. Either way, you're just not gonna enjoy a thing with any type of distractions.

2.  Keep the lights off and sound up.


Setting the mood in your environment only enhances your gaming experience. With the original Silent Hill, I came close to shutting it off several times since I was alone, in the dark, while playing. And it was fucking great. It'll help too, with this new title.

3.  Don't speed or overextend yourself.


If you're a completionist, or just plain addicted to this or any other game, it's imperative you TAKE YOUR TIME on your first run-through. It's the first time experiencing the action, creep factor, and storyline. So take it easy, and just enjoy it this first time. Speed runs, bonus areas/chapters, a full inventory, etc., will be easier to concentrate on and strive for once you've got the basics down and at least one completion under your belt.

If you're not sure if you want to purchase this game or not (I don't know WHY you'd hesitate), I've already done a pre-play review on it here: It seems great and as a die-hard fan of the franchise and SH genre since the beginning, you can be sure you're getting the info you need. If it really lives up to what I expect, another FAQ/Walkthrough will be in the works for publishing on my part.

Have fun! ^_^
Uploaded 10/02/2012
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