Read Along Blog - My Identify Revealed!

Ok guys, I have to spill the beans.  I played a little game with MrsNekoJeans, giving her 3 tries to guess who I was, and if she couldn't do it in 3 tries, then she had to do a Read Along Blog; if she guessed correctly, then I would tell her the truth, and reveal my identity.
Well, she guessed correctly, on her second try, so before she lets the cat out of the bag, I thought I would take the high road and let you guys in on it, myself. 

...I am tomlet.

The reason why I started this whole thing was because, I actually did have my surgery, and I have actually been bedridden for the last few weeks, and not having much to do other than play around on my laptop, I thought I would have a little fun with you guys.
You might be saying to yourself that 'he's been blogging all this time about trying to get this surgery done, blah blah blah'.  But those were actually blogs that I had written prior to all of this, months back, I just never posted them.  I came across them while I was playing around with the laptop and thought I would make something out of it, and it wound up to be a story of epic proportions.

So, that's it, I am now making a full recovery, and I am able to get up and walk around, and the doctor says I should be getting back to work by the time spring break is over.  Thanks for playing along fellas.

Peace niggas out. SBG on the reals.

Uploaded 03/12/2011
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