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Nihilism, by Vard0n

Although I have tried to fight the grim realities of an absurd existence, I can no longer fight it; to me the battle is futile. An objectively meaningful existence just doesn't seem to be logical to me. I know a lot of you disagree with me and you have every right to, nobody can be certain of anything in this world.

To me, the world we live in can't fit under some meaningful framework. The world doesn't seem to be structured in a manner to fit the constraints granted by intrinsically meaningful or moral universes. The human experience seems random, fragmented, and absurd.

I like to use film to exemplify this. To us, a narrative film seems to emulate reality, but life isn't like a movie. Things aren't so formulaic or meaningful. Life is unexplained, random, and fragmented. This phenomena is something that New Wave film tried to convey in its seemingly naturalistic style. New Wave used jump cuts and elliptical editing to create an enigmatic and curious experience.

All value and title is just a human construct. If alien life arrived on earth, everything that is deemed worth to us, would appear worthless to them. Baseball would just be a bunch of grown men dressed ridiculously, swinging and throwing aimlessly, yet individuals live entire lives centered around this activity. Everything is intrinsically worthless. People will murder for money, yet it is just a sheet of material splattered with a random array of color. Everything you look at is stardust, randomly arranged in the grand scheme of things. You are a random construct of evolution and other natural processes, nascent and decay.

We are all moving about aimlessly, performing aimless activities. We are just displacing and exchanging atoms, which are, for the most part, empty space.

Good things happen to bad people. Bad things happen to good people. Children die in childbirth. Holocausts happen. Cruel malicious dictators live entire lives of luxury at the expense of starving impoverished societies. Dick Cheney isn't in prison. Life isn't fair.

Why? How could an intrinsically meaningful or moral universe allow such activity? Where is the punishment? Where is hell? Where is heaven? Their existence seems highly improbable. I can't prove their existence wrong. You also can't prove that the ghost of Christmas past doesn't masturbate in front of me every night, making me watch every second, but does it actually happen. Maybe. Maybe that's why I hate Christmas. Maybe its the crowds. Maybe its the obnoxious commercials. I digress.

To some nihilism might seem to be a depressing conclusion, but it's quite freeing. As an existential nihilist, I am an artist and life is my canvas. I place meaning where I deem it appropriate. I don't rely on moral principles that aren't always applicable in individual situations. Everything is relative. Murder is immoral, but if it is righteous, sometimes it is deemed necessary for, what you deem to be, the good of the whole.

You are dynamic, ever changing, evolving. You are free. God isn't judging you. Masturbate. Love. Say inappropriate things in the appropriate situation if it grants others pleasure. Life is short. Life is fickle. Don't let a struggle of meaning define your existence. Your search for meaning becomes your meaning. Live a life of action. Be happy. Be weird. Don't let society imprison your happiness. You live. You die. It's your decision. You aren't wrong. You can't be wrong. I am rambling. I can be quite loquacious. I hope you enjoyed or learned. If not, I am sorry for wasting your time.

The universe could have a moral framework. Maybe there is objective meaning outside my own perspective. What do you think?

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