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As some of yall know, I's got 3 sons, Lincoln, LaBaron, and my little nigga Delorean (who be handicap and live in a wheelchair that goes into the future), and 2 bitch ass daughters named Mercedes, and Suzuki.
My life with them is very interesting because each one's of them has a different baby mamma, and I get's to see each and every one's of them 1 weekend at at time, every weekend. So I guess you could say that I is a good daddy. I's buys my boys some new Jordans each year, except Delorean, that nigga can't even walk. And I's buy my daughters some really cool high heeled dancing shoes because, I's know that them little hoes is gonna end up just like they mammas anyways.
Just because I's gots kids don't mean I's is a domesticated house nigga, I's still got the streets in my blood, and I be up on my block all mothafuckin day, slangin them rocks, gettin paid. I's already know what yall is gonna say...

"why you gonna be slangin that shit on your block?"
"You should be out there working and trying to make a better life for you and your kids"

Shit, that aint how I roll yall, I's be a true nigga, fo sho, and yalls can work your job, pay them bills, and hate your life, but me? I's do what I love, and I's aint got to answer to no boss.  And I makes mines, I get paid, and I's go home everyday with a roll of Benjamins in my jeans.
SBG on the Reals.

Uploaded 03/11/2011
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