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This for all yall fools that be thinking I be inferiorer than all yall fools. And to prove that I be black, son.  Here it is so you can easily read along with me.***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

The new Vapor Smokeless Cigarette...


I have tried many times and many different ways to quit smoking, to no avail. Well, that's not entirely true. I DID quit once for about 11 months. What got you to quit that time Deunan? I'm glad you asked...I had pneumonia! After being laid out flat on my ass for 8 days I finally felt well enough to move, the first thing I did was grab my smokes and head for the front porch. My wife said "Why are you going to smoke? The hard part is over and you were lucky enough to be drugged silly during it." She had a point there, I threw them away and was smoke free just short of a year. Why did you start again Deunan? Because I'm fucking retarded I guess :)


A local shopping mall (the B&I, Red should know it) had a new store opening...Evergreen Vapor. They sell those new smokeless vapor cigarettes. I was there on opening day! The guy behind the counter was immensely cool. He let me sample every brand and type they sold, in every strength and flavor. I purchased the $55 kit with a proud, childish grin on my face. The kit includes the following:

2 batteries (the white part of the cigarette)

5 filters (the brown part)

1 wall charger

1 USB charger


Each filter is the equivalent of 30 cigarettes, they come 5 to a pack. A pack of replacement filters is $10. $10 for 150 cigarettes? Shit...I'm all over that! You can buy the liquid nicotine also. Instead of throwing away your used filters you can just refill them...even better! A bottle of the liquid is $8. It will refill 20 filters. So that's .40c per filter! 40c for 30 cigarettes! I swear I came in my jeans :)


The 'fake' cigarette is actually realistic as hell. It looks like a cigarette, tastes like a cigarette and smokes like a cigarette. The only unusual thing about it is its weight, it's far heavier than a real cigarette. I don't think I'll have much trouble getting used to that :) It has no smell and none of the 4000 chemicals a real cigarette has. I can walk into any public place and smoke/vape all I want to, it's fucking awesome!


I still keep real cigarettes with me. I like to have a real one when I first wake up with my coffee and after meals. Eventually I will switch over to Vaping 100% of the time. It also works just like the nicotine patch, you can buy strong/medium/low amounts of nicotine and wean off completely. If you like the habit of smoking but don't want the nicotine, they make a zero-nicotine filter. I like that!


Soon I will no longer be a smoker, I will be a Vapor. Lame name I know but I'm actually pretty fucking excited about it! I recommend all smokers at least TRY IT!


Vapor Deunan


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