Reading the Bible

I've just started re-reading Genesis.  I haven't read the Bible from cover to cover since high school (about 25 years ago).  My wife just bought me the R. Crumb illustrated book of Genesis. 


In case you guys don't know who R. Crumb is, he's one of the most deviant and fucked up underground comic illustrator/writers that ever lived.  R. Crumb is famous for Zap Comix and Fritz the Cat.  One early 80s Zap Comix I had was entitled "Invasion of the Thorny Togued Clit Lickers on the Planet of Amazon Women." 


The Genesis book was hard cover and must've cost $40-50.  I was nervous as to how a deviant like Crumb would pervert the text.  The answer was not at all.  Apparently, you can read along in the first part to the King James Version of the bible.  All of the text is there, unchanged.  The illustrations are of the characteristic Crumb style but are completely tasteful and contextual.  He's even toned down some of the sexual content or adult situations in the original text.  The nudity (like in the Garden) is handled well and is not offensive in any way.  The Old Testament is some hard text and some of its sentiments are hard for children to understand, but so far I'm considering letting my daughter read it when I'm done (she's 11).

Here's one of the first frames.  Sorry I couldn't find a bigger image: . 


Edit:  Here's the book on for those interested:

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