I remember when I was young and could chew through books like a little bookworm. I would read probably at least four books a month, none of this great literary masterpiece crap though. Some of which is completely overrated, anyone ever read a Thomas Hardy novel? I had to read that shit for my English Literature class and it was the sole reason why I dropped it, a Streetcar Named Desire on the other hand was a brilliant read (and it was a play!).


Anyway that is not the point I want to make in this blog, what I would like to talk about is the decreasing amount of younger children that read; let's say that their age is around 10-15. When was the last time you saw a person of the younger generation sat on the train reading a book or sat under a tree in the park reading a book, hell I think it has become so rare you can include hearing them talk about reading a book (Where's Wally does not count). I don't know what your answer may be, but I do know that mine is the last time i saw a yong'in reading was during a blue moon.


There are probably many reasons for this including TV and movies, computers (which you can use to access these fancy new e-books, but are more likely to be used to look for porn and visit ebaumsworld), playing video games ,Playing sports and hanging out with friends etc.


Why has one of the things that differentiated humanity from monkeys swinging clubs around seemingly become so obsolete? Or maybe i am just wrong, well at least this time I hope that is the case.




My five favourite books:


The Straw Men, Michael Marshal: Read it when I was younger, the poor books now falling apart.


The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes, (Sir) Arthur Conan Doyle: The pace of the stories in the book are so much faster than any TV or film adaptation I have seen. It is also one of those books that pull you in and don't let you go until the last sentence 


From a Buick 8: Used to read this one whilst listening to The Mars Volta during my weird space cadet phase.


Underground Man, Mick Jackson: Its about an English Duke who goes crazy from Syphillis, need I say more?


The Disc World Novels, Terry Pratchett: Nice colourful stories that anybody can read.


Windows ME has crashed, dumping system memory files...........................................


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