Real Racism......

I wrote a blog similar to this a while back but with my great organization skills and memory I cant find it and this morning the History Channel (which I have a bachelors degree in) had a series on drugs. With pot laws close to being changed if not this year it WILL happen soon I thought I would try to write it again. First I am one of those Americans who although I dont use anymore thinks that pot laws should be changed and legalized, but and I did say BUT the laws for contributing to a minor should resemble bank robbery laws. Look if you are an adult what you do in YOUR home does not concern me if you aren't hurting others. So some things to think about.....

Laws against opium were put into effect not to protect but to control the chinese people.

Laws were implemented for marijuana to stop the Mexicans from staying here after we were finished with their cheap labor. It was also to keep the Black race from rioting because as all of you know when you are good and blazed all you can think about doing, other than eating is rioting. Take the time and read the Laguardia report it is great and the real kicker is the testing done with pot, was received from the very people trying to stop the WEED. In case you didn't know we didn't make pot illegal we set it up so you would need a stamp to sell or posses the drug. They made no stamps to speak of maybe 20.

This kind of crap goes on and on and it is just amazing why we still have antiquated drug laws on a war we cant win. We need to find another way Look at how well its working. Although I dont smoke anymore I still love to watch the movie Refer Madness, they dont make movies like this anymore. Misinformation and control of people to get some laws passed that dont work, it is just unimaginable to think we are a superpower. Due to this kind of unscrupulous way of doing business when we do need to control a drug and get information out why in the hell would we believe them?


Thanks for reading Bohank


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