Reality TV

I struggle to come to terms with individuals who have the hubris to audition and be cast for shows such as "Real housewives of some place where-ever" or "Jersey Shore" or what-ever-mindless-inane-mind-numbing-tv-show.
          What I mean is that in these reality TV shows, these people think they can stand on the world stage through the medium of TV and think they can account for the entire demographic of Jersey, Florida, or wherever these shows are about. There are hundreds of thousands of people who live in the city limits where these shows are cast and filmed, in these cities which are truly multicultural and diverse, made up of intelligent and decent people -of which the sum total appearing on these shows are nil. Who do you get on these shows; vain, self-centered, ignorant fuckwits who have the audacity to believe they are the definition of where they come from.
      There is no definitive point to this blog, as there is no definitive reason these shows should exist, save for entertainment. I have watched several of these shows and each time I feel appalled. The only reason that decent people are not shown on these TV shows is that decent people would not bitch, fight and fuck on TV, what the producers create is car crash TV. It makes the demographic areas in which they places are filmed seem feral, debased and charnel houses. I find it disgusting. 
Uploaded 06/16/2012
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