Im sure i am not the only one whose media has been deleted before due to "duplicated media". This is like the fourth time so far which is not a lot but its very disappointing when everything i upload i look forward to being featured ends up supposedly being already down loaded, and the things i upload i look to make sure are not there.

I really don't have a problem with any mods but seriously dude whoever you are get your shit together.Even if my media was already posted sometime ago, its still not fair too see people post crap that has already been featured so its even more noticeable and they some how get away with it!

       Sorry if this comes off as complaining but it would be nice for my video to actually get posted for once and not get my erep and ebones taken away cause of something i had no clue was already uploaded. I understand that most people could really care less about ebones or erep points but i really want the swag pack from this site, but with the way things are working on this site its going be a long time before that will every happen, hell i will probable get up load banned if my stuff keeps getting deleted.

well just needed to let off a little steam sorry.
Uploaded 07/18/2011
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