Reasons for vote for Rick Perry



#10 Who needs a jobs bill when you have prayer?

#9 He'll fight high taxes, fight big spending liberals, and fight education.

#8 Let's all Secede... from Obama.

#7 Deregulate, Deeducate, Deficate on the Debticate, Don't taxate, just relaxate, I just ate. It's not too late, to eradicate....that nanny state.

#6 A Texan President, it just feels good doesn't it?

#5 He shot a coyote that threatened his dog while jogging....imagine what he'll do in a debate with a black man threatening our economy.

#4. Let's kick the Mexicans out and put Americans back to the fields.

#3 Tough on gays, tough on drugs. He'll put bong AND dong smokers in prison.

#2 Aggie with a plan....whoop!

annnnd #1 Puttin' the white back in the Whitehouse since 2012.


"Rick Perry eats deer jerky, poops out gun powder, then uses the gun powder to make bullets to shoot more deer. And so on."


"It was scientifically proven that Rick Perry's DNA is single-stranded. The right strand did not put up with the left strand's liberal crap."


Seiously, this man scares the shit out of me.  What worse is he looks presidential.  He's tall, good looking, has great hair, and sound good when he talks.  I would like to see a death match ala Thunderdome between his and Mit Romney's hair:  "Two hair enter, one hair leave."  He's called statewide day's of CHRISTIAN prayer to solve economic problems and the crippling drought in Texas.  Muslims, pagans, Buddists, Taoist, etc need not apply.  I said I wanted to sacrifice a goat to Odin to fix the drought and was rejected.  The man stands for everything that bugs me about the executive branch.

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