reasons why you should never ever move to memphis.

i have the unfortunate oppurtunity of living in the most racist city in america.

memphis, tn.

the blacks hate the whites, the whites hate the blacks, the school systems are horrible because the teachers can't teach shit cuz the black kids just wanna be hoodrats and do hoodrat things. I remember in 5th grade, last day of school and a kid in my 97 percent black school (which is like all the other public school, most of the white kids have the money to go to private schools) some boy brought a gun to school. just this year some kid shot the shit out of another kid at school.

Someone even said this quote.... "If you want to die, but are too scared to commit suicide, just move to memphis"

Memphis is in the top 10 of every "most dangerous cities" lists. I don't even remember the last time a cop has pulled anyone over. The cops just ride other cars asses because the other car is going the speed limit cause there is a fuckin cop behind them so they do crazy lane switch things, run red lights, and never use their turn signals.

If you fools watch the first 48 you will know about all the gruesome murders there are here. Right around the corner from me this dude killed 4 adults and 5 kids living in the same house (yeah thats how the black people do it around here) , and a few months ago this other guy got his 11 year old daughter to help him get rid of her mom's arms, legs, and head.

my hatred for this city could go on but its a black hole of death and it sucks you in. most people hate it but never leave....and if youre bored check out go to rants and raves and every post is about niggas and crackas.

Uploaded 05/25/2008
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