So I have been saying the rules need to be followed. I know that the rules were removed from this section when CJ was removed from the site. In my opinion she did a great job as moderator and now we have been left without a moderator at all. Yes, yes anarchy did reign supreme and everyone had their fun. A lot of crap was overrun on this section in that time and it was literaly like a firestorm. 

I left the site at that point because well although I dont have loyalties to ebaum or his staff I enjoyed reading what a lot of the regular users had to say, and most of them went to the new site. Some stayed and some went to both.

The firestorm of garbage that was posted has for the most part stopped, but now is the time for reconstruction. Lets as a group bring this section back into its former glory.

I say we come together as a group and make a new set of rules. Let us set ourselves apart from the forum, the current events, and the live chat sections. This section was always known as the tougher of the three in regards to gaining respect. We didnt lower our standards to the idocy of the forums, nor did we get as uptight as the current events users. Nobody really cared about the live chat people because they are also in a world of their own.

I have been unable to locate a written copy of the old rules, if any users out ther actually saved them please do not hesitate to forward them to me.

Here is my submission for the new rules, I am going to keep a lot of thigns somewhat the same but feel free to comment and make additional sugestions. I say again this is not set in stone just a suggestion as to how we can police ourselves in our state of martial law.


Blogs must be written by you and must be your original content.

Blogs cannot be copy/paste unless the particular article that you copy pasted is particularly unique/interesting/funny or it ties into your blog to prove a point. You must also write no less than two sentcences of original content per paragraph of copy/paste.

Blogs that do nothing but flame or bash some other user must be labled as a battle blog. The purpose of this is strictly to call out another member of the Blog section on something that was said. The user who has been called out may also write a rebutle battle blog to clear his name in the dispute. The blog community will vote on the winner and the dispute will be settled at that point and nothing more will be said from either one of the users.

Blogs must be more than one paragraph. A blog that contains nothing more than a couple sencences cannot be considered a blog and is far better suited for the forums or Live Chat.

Blogs must be written with some level of gramatical correctness. Propper punctuation and spelling are definate musts when writing a blog.


Those are just the basics, There is more things try to have a point when writing and nobody wants to hear you whine ever...but that all deals with the level.

For the most part the rules there should help with a lot of the garbage. We are without a moderator to actually enforce this so we must police ourselves to see to it that some set of rules is put into action.  There is a lot of room to work with those basic set of rules and if anyone has any more suggestions as to rules to be enstated comment on this or submit your own rule blog.

I hope that eventually we will be able to agree upon a set of rules as a community.

The floor is open, start suggesting.

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