Red Dead Redemption..Here We Go Again

What is the diference between watching an old Dudley Doright cartoon then sticking an m80 in a porkchop and earning the 'dastardly' achievement in Red Dead Redemption? Other then a mess to clean up, not a damn thing. I just know the outrage is going to come pouring out from whoever has replaced jack churchill as the resident nutjob anti video game crusader, so before it gets here I offer my explanation of the rationale behind Rockstar Games creating this achievement. If you're not yet familiar, and still care, go to youtube and look it up. the ability to fulfill the conditions is a matter of freedom, that needs no explanation. Being rewarded for these conditions needs only a brief explanation. Believe it or not they are not the sadists you imagine who think violence against women is funny. What they are is a bunch of fans of a tired movie cliche that think it's amusing to pay tribute.

Anyone who thinks the violence in this game is extreme has never even watched a single horror movie. the only three kinds of violence you get are: wounds, ragdoll dismemberment, and outright corpse exploding where featureless peices fly away from the kill site.

Before anyone gets upset try and remmeber it's just fantasy, and not even particularly sadistic fantasy at that. It needs no restating that if you can't separate fantasy and reality, don't farking play video games.

Uploaded 06/10/2010
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