Red power!

Hey everybody superfly here, for all of u that dont no i am a ginger. I am proud of my ginger heritage. sure i might not have a soul and that the sun hurts me but god damn im proud. its funny because if it werent for south park i whould just be a red head. but now im a Ginger. Where not as bad as you think really. Once u get to know us youll relize that were not bad people. Many famous people are gingers like Carrot Top hes funny....... actually no hes not nevermind about him hes wut i like to call an anti-ginger. hes a ginger but he gives gingers a bad name. another famous ginger Ron Weasly. Another famous ginger Horatio Cane from CSI. as you can see gingers produce a fare alot amount of money into our economy. Because of our pale skin we need alot of suntan lotion to survive. this has caused the sunscreen indistry to thrive. and this ballony about gingers being ixtinct in the next 50-100 years makes me irate. Gingers are not dyeing out o no we are thriving. One day we will be the supreme Race iun all the World. Red Power gingers unite Red Power!!!! Thanks feel free to comment good and bad i love the bad ones there so funnyLong Live Superfly

Uploaded 08/22/2009
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