Reddit - Pro War Pieces Of Shit?

Today I've noticed one of those Reddit propaganda banners that was encouraging you to do some shit, like they have in manner. Today's is plain disgusting. Everybody knows that the army uses propaganda and lies to lure young people into their ranks. Poor, gullible boys (and sometimes girls) think they're gonna receive some education and respect by joining the army. They don't. Most of them either become a tool the governments use or don't wanna deal with the army and they desert.

The army is not about honor and serving your country. A great image of the army is the Northern Wall in The Game of Thrones. Jon Snow goes there because he's been fed legends about valor and the defenders of the wall and when he arrives, it turns out most of them are criminals that took the chance of escaping death/prison/punishment this way. The army is the same. It consists of uneducated retards and criminals that want to rape you in the showers (almost EVERY soldier got violated as a rookie but doesn't say it because it would mean he's a sissy). If you know somebody who wants to volunteer, talk him out of this. Put some sense into that retard. Play him some gay porn and tell him to watch it for at least 10 minutes, so he has an image of what would happen to him if he signs up. SAVE HIS LIFE!

Uploaded 08/05/2012
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