Rednote67, You're Not My League

Recently this Rednote67 guy keeps giving me shit about what a big shot musician he is. Of course, his arguments are standard troll bull shit - that he's got 20 years of experience and a lot of famous friends. That's supposed to give him the right to criticize the current popular music scene. It wouldn't bother me that much if not his lame attempts of discrediting other users.

See, mate, you might have 20 years of experience in performing Metallica covers in small pubs. You probably played them before I was even born. The thing is you don't work in a professional studio. I don't even have to compose. It's the playing skill that matters. If you can master the instrument, you can be heard on hundreds of different pieces (which are probably shit music to you, since they are played in the radio).

There's no such thing as good and bad music. Music is music. And money is money. What's better, mate? Playing the same covers over and over every day to pay the rent or going to the studio, playing piano for 3 hours a day and getting a monthly pay probably exceeding your yearly income?

That's right, bitch. I'm a better musician than you. I don't have to play what I like. Good musicians do that. Great musicians play what OTHERS like. And to totally own your sorry, talentless ass, here's a little clip for you to prove my point.

Uploaded 03/07/2011
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