Refresh comments button

It appeared in early April 2010. It first had a REFRASH DILDOZER written on it. A very useful invention, I must admit. Very helpful if you like to read the little chat that goes on always in the currently newest feature.

What does it do? It simply reloads the comments without refreshing the whole page.

The REFRASH DILDOZER was soon replaced by REFRASH EASTSIDE_DAVE. Very controversial choise, since Eastside_Dave is only a troll. A lame one too. He used to be popular and even had a lot of media featured, but, let's face it, now he only comes back to post one-two word troll comments.

What I'm trying to say is, there needs to be a new name on the refresh button. Someone who is a walking legend on the comment board. Someone so epic, it's hard to believe he's just a human. There's only one user like that.




Here are some of the reasons why his name should be on the refresh button:

1. He's the man

2. He's the legend

3. He comments on dayshift

4. He comments on nightshift

5. Users love him

6. Users fear him

7. Users want to be like him

8. He owns noobs like nobody else

9. He's one of the few quality commenters on this site

10. He's an EBW veteran (user since 2007)

11. He has made 30,325 comments, which is much more then Dildozer (6,592) and Eastside_Dave (4,447) have ever made combined!  [data from 04.08.2010]

12. ???????

13. Pankakes

14. I'm a reporter for the Meowly Meowmeow


I know at least one admin has to read the blogs. What are you waiting for, cool guy? Clark_Kent deserves to be on the refresh button more than anybody else on this site.

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