i have this friend josh, hes a pretty good guy. always respectful, will do anything for a friend, cares more about others than himself, an all around good person. but he has a problem, sometimes hes too nice. this causes people to take advantage of him, especially girls. every relationship this guys been in, he gets screwed.

his highschool girlfriend gave one of our other 'friends' a handjob at a concert, while josh was asleep with his head in her lap. then his wife cheated on him with their neighbor, and got herpes. thankfully hed stopped sleeping with her months before because she was a raving bitch. to this day she screws him on whatever child support or time with his son she can, just to be a cunt. by the way, the kids blonde, pale, and has blue eyes. both josh and his ex wife are dark complected with dark eyes and hair, you see where im going with this right? she also cheated with my brother and light skin and eyes run on one side of our family, fuck......

even through all the bullshit with these women he always remains nice to them. unfortunatley all that negativity has to go somewhere and has caused him to become a heavy drinker. ive stood by and done nothing other than the occasional "fuck that slut" for too many years because i figured he was a grown man and could handle his own. but his most recent ex pushed it too far and the line had to be drawn.

this particular girl was a real winner. he met her the night she got out of rehab at a party where she was already loaded and swimming naked in the pool. whats the problem you say? 1)shes fat 2)it was november 3) she was the only one in the pool. should have been an early warning sign right? not for josh, he loves his broken chicks. anyhoo they began dating and right away things went south.

just being out of rehab she had no place to live. no problem, josh let her move in. then the problems began,shed get blackout beligerent drunk and start fights. then disappear days on end on tweek binges where conveniently josh found she was paying for her habit out of money stolen from him, awesome... still he stood by her. then the cheating started. shed leave his house while hes at work to go fuck her ex, and my cousin (i know, my familys a bunch of dirtbags).

finally she decided she didnt want josh anymore and took off leaving him holding the bag and demanding he ship her her belongings, enough that it cost 200 dollars. enough was enough, but what was i to do? she moved across the country so sodomizing her with a kitchen knife was out of the question. telling everyone she had some horrible std would only damage joshs future dating life. then it occured to me, psychological warfare...

so while josh descended into a bottle, i got to work. you see, she has a myspace profile with an application that displays a refrigerator and you can use little digital magnets to leave her cute little messages. i decided this would be my method revenge. i would drive that skeez to an emotional breakdown. so for the last 3 months every week ive posted an anonymous message on her fridge telling her just how special she is to me. such favorites as "humanity as a whole wishes your dad had just jacked off in the shower and shot you down the drain" and "id rather pack a homeless guys ass with crisco and eat my way to a heart attack than see you naked" are among a slew of others. so heres the link, i posted it before but the file extensions were wrong so i got an incomplete gallery. heres the finished product.

i am sindicate and i hope she gets sodomized with a kitchen knife

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