Regarding The New Site Design - Everyone Relax

First and foremost, I would like to thank the Blog Gods for allowing me to interject a moment a say a few words.  Before everyone gets all wacked out in a bath salt frenzy, just take some time to absorb the new design.  Everyone hates change, especially when things are running smoothly.  However, if you take the time to look at what the new design has to offer, it is much more user friendly once you get accustomed to it.  I'm not telling everyone to like it, but to just give it a chance.  Everyone says the same thing when Facebook redesigns the site, but after a couple of weeks, everyone gets used to it and agrees, for the most part, that it is more functional.  I am just a simple eBaums user and do not work for the site, but I can tell you...if you have difficulty with anything on the site, there are MORE than enough people that are gladly willing to help you out.  Yes, sometimes you may have to sift through the valley of the the trolls but if you contact the site directly and / or "buddy list" a few people, you will find that there are people here to help...and happy to do it.  eBaum's World did not spend all this time and effort to design a site to make life miserable for everyone.  They did it to make the site more enjoyable and navigable for everyone.  So with that being said, feel free to love it or hate it....just give it a chance. 
Finally, for all you hairy palmed monkeys wondering where the "Mature" section is still here....
Happy Father's Day and have the next beer on me!
Uploaded 06/17/2012
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