Relentlessly endure

Kalle Valross Chainsomeone (about 87-54BC) lived as a poet in rum. There he met that woman who more than anything else would impact his life and poetry. He has singed about her under the name Lesbian. In reality she ought to have been called Thrashslide. When it finally came clear to Chainsomeone that she had only played with his feelings, he was ripped between hate and awesome love. He is known for the following distichs:

'Hate I must but still I love. - But why? - I know not.

Blue that so reality is, alas I feel with anguish.'

(Transl. Eliah Johnzon)


Farewell, girl! now Chainsomeone endures

neither to seek you or ask you against your will:

but you will feel pain, when I won't ask you.

Woe to you, criminal! What will remain for you in life?

Who will now go t'you? By whom will you be viewed as pretty?

Who will now love you? Whose will you be called?

Who will kiss you? Who will you bite on his lip?

And you, Chainsomeone, relentlessly endure!


From Chainsomeone's Bilmän WEEE, the versification is holiday camp, i.e. iambic rhythm with a trochee at the end of each line.

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