Religion, death and all kinds of fun stuff.......

About three and half years ago I received what I now know was a gift. I had a massive heart attack and was sure I was going to die. They even did the shock thing twice it was all kinds of fun. This heart attack happened on the 1 year anniversary of the death of my daughter so I guess it was stress that triggered it but my lifestyle is what brought it on. When I was lying there with all those tubes and wires hanging out of me I was surprised at how little regret I had. What scared me the most was the age old question "what next". Is it over, did I live the right kind of life and what got me through was my faith. Now I know this is that crutch that all of us weak minded people need and man was I glad I had it. Right at that moment I truly understood the saying no atheist in fox holes. The gift I received is the knowledge of "dont sweat the small stuff". I will fight like the dickens for the big stuff but whether this person or that believes in God is just not my problem. I believe more now than before but I also know that I cant prove it to you anymore than than you can prove to me it isn't real. The main difference I see is I never tell you how stupid or weak or any other insult because you dont believe, it just doesnt seem like we have equal footing here. I know the reason why, because most of us have some HORROR story about how we were treated by some religious zealot or nut job. I assure you I have my story too I just wish that you would understand that there is a difference between God and religion and it is MAN.


Thank you fro reading Bohank

Uploaded 10/13/2008
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