Religion in Blogs

I'm glad I've kind of single-handedly managed to spur a huge blog battle over the religious argument. What's weird is how some galleries that take little time to post result in a huge urge by the religious to post a shit ton of blogs out of spite, resulting in other non-religious ppl to post blogs, resulting in the religious posting comments on the non-religious blogs about how they're not the bad guys. And this is because their judgmental, threatening, lying, skeevy gallery comments didn't work on me.

What's really weird is when ppl state the religious users don't post as much as the non-religious and call that ironic.

Their blogs are kind of like a last-ditch effort at being heard. On my galleries, they never stfu. They all operate the same, too. First, they try to say it offends them. When they realize the anti-religion stuff isn't going away, they pull everything but their mother out of the hat to try and get their way.

What's most ironic is how many profile comments and death threats I've gotten. Yep, that's right. I've actually gotten death threats by our good religious friends for posting galleries featuring such evil minions as Dawkins, Hawking, and some lady holding a sign promoting equal rights for gays.

Would that be ironic? I say no. It's just what religion does.
Uploaded 01/06/2013
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