Religion is the cause of

This blog is about religion. No it is not about the dichotomy of man and his eternal quest for knowledge and belonging. I refuse to be drawn into the argument that without religion the world would be a better place or that religion is the cause of more strife, discord and death than any other institution in history.I am not going to compare religions and try to convince You the reader that any one religion is better than the next.Instead I am going to offer an observation that I feel is appropriate to the religion argument...Ready? Here it Comes.

I have noticed that the further you get into almost any religion the less you have to shave. As a man who can't stand shaving (my work requires a clean shaven face) I really do admire the ascetics and deeply devout who, because of their religion, can discontinue this pain in the ass ritual. In fact with just a few exceptions it seems taht all the deeply "orthodox" or "fundamental" creeds positively disparage shaving. To me this just might be the way to go. I am seriously thinking of getting me a brand new Bible,Talmud, Koran, Zoastrian chronicles or whatever and designating myself a "Holy Man" Solely for that benefit.

Now if only what's her name would go along.


Uploaded 10/12/2009
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