Religion is the source of the world's problems - the problem of

So let's talk about evil. There are nagging problems with religion and it's approach to evil.

1. God created everything. EVERYTHING.

2. If point # 1 is correct, then god also created evil. This is a problem since god is supposed to be pure and only good things can emit from his being.

3. If point # 1 is incorrect, then god did not create everything, and hence is not all powerful.

So the questions are these; if god is all-powerful, why doesn't he do away with all of the evil in the world? If he allows evil to remain, please answer point # 2 above. While you're at it, please kindly explain why god would create a race of beings and then test and torment them so, even though it is in his power to stop the suffering, pain, torture, hunger, murder, sickness, rape and poverty in the world. According to the religious, it could all end with a word from his lips, yet the world remains as it is. Why?

The paradox is apparent. The old question goes like this; Can god make a stone so large that even he cannot move it? If so, he is not all powerful. If he cannot make such a stone, then he is not all-powerful.



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